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Thank you in advance.  If you need an additional receipt, please email that request to us. The amount is up to you, keep in mind every private counsel or mentoring donation will be discussed in person.

Use one of these currency options. Debit/credit Card, cash, postal money orders, and bitcoin.

Most major credit and debit card accepted

Don't forget to specify the donation/gift purpose by separate email after payment when possible at raisewisdom@yahoo.com

Let us know if you have any request regarding that donation or we may simply receive it as a generic gift.

If sending BITCOIN – If you don’t yet have a bitcoin account, to hold and use the currency of the 21st century, they are fairly simple to set up. Once funded, then simply send the U.S. dollar equivalent to the Bitcoin to this Wallet Address below.  Then copy and paste this address into your Bitcoin exchange account’s “SEND to” address field:  1GtiKoS2yqQKFyQC52DfRWmHSEkLggEd3o –Fell free to email us with any questions.




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